Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Environmentally Friendly Futons

When looking to furnish your home with an eco friendly Futon bed, consider the following points to establish how environmentally green the product really is. Futons are constructed of a base, ususally a wood base in solid pine.

Consider how a futon can be classed as eco friendly:

* Sustainable sources of timber – Research proves that felling trees without re-planting new trees contributes to the expanding hole in the ozone layer, oxygen levels are reduced around the globe as the number of oxgyen-generating plants and trees decreases. Choose a manufacturer that has a green conscience and plans a regeneration programme when felling trees for timber.
* Natural materials – Man made filling like foam offcuts, a byproduct of manufacturing, are often used to stuff futon mattresses. Research the fillings of the futon you are looking to buy. The most environmentally friendly futon mattress fillings would be natural matierials such as recycled and cleansed fibres such as felt and wool. Twisting this combination of fillings also provides a more stable seating or sleeping experience that retains the shape and support much better than a low grade futon mattress with a foam offcut filling.
* Futon mattress covers – Blends of man made materials such as Nylon and Elastane are another source of carbon monoxide released into the Earth’s atmosphere during manufacturing process. Choose a natural futon mattress cover in cotton, sourced via sustainable procedures.
* Manufactured in the UK – so the transport has a very low carbon footprint. Futons manufactured overseas are shipped in containers across the seas to the UK, belching out C02 into the atmosphere as the boats that are used burn fossil fuel. When the containers arrive in the UK, they are offloaded onto diesel lorries, these futons are then driven the length and the breadth of the country to distribution depots, which then unpack, and reload onto more vans and lorries to distribute to high street stores.

Comfy Living is an online-only retail store and a UK based futon manufacturer which uses sustainable timber for the wood base, together with natural materials for the mattress filling with 100% cotton drill covers.

The company also offers a standard 24hour overnight delivery service across all mainland UK. Visit the website to view the range of colours of futons available to buy today at www.comfy-living.co.uk

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