Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Orthopaedic Mattresses now on sale from Comfy Living

Comfy Living announce their new range of orthopaedic mattresses that is only available to buy from their website. Exclusivity and quality guaranteed.

Where good health is paramount, often the price of an item associated with well being is more expensive than what is considered a regular item. When looking to buy a new orthopaedic mattress, the range of mattresses available on the high street regularly carry a premium price tag.

Following a customer survey, Comfy Living asked their direct supplier in the UK to test manufacture some samples of an orthopaedic mattress with a firm support, and to provide cost prices. Suprisingly, the actual cost of manufacturing didn't seem to weigh up with the selling price of orthopaedic mattresses by national brands, the difference between the estimated manufacturing costs and the selling price was hundreds of pounds - a very large profit margin indeed.

Marketing Manager, Nina Greaves said: "I visited multiple stores in person as well as carrying out extensive online research and consistently found high pricing on mattresses being sold with orthopaedic properties. Following this research I chaired a meeting with the Comfy Living Directors and also the Directors from our supplier, laying out a structured price plan to offer the new mattresses at the most competitive price in the UK. The results were astonishing"

For a standard 4ft 6inch double orthopaedic mattress being sold at a store with a household name, the average price is £279.99.

For a standard 4ft 6inch double orthopaedic mattress being sold online at Comfy Living, the price is a inflation-busting £59.99.

Free delivery is also included in this price, for all mattresses, beds, futons and bedroom furnishings anywhere mainland UK, with 99% of the deliveries carried out the next working day.

For further sizes available of the new range of exclusive orthapaedic mattresses, look no further than the Somerset based beds and mattress specialist Comfy Living.

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