Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Cheap Chair Beds now on sale - 100% cotton drill and 17 colours

Buy a cheap single chair bed for your child this summer online with Free UK Delivery £39.99

A child's room should be a place of comfort, convenience utilise space saving furniture whenever possible. A chair bed or a single futon is a top thing to consider when you are choosing how to furnish a child's room. Chair beds are great for school holidays, and for sleepovers, now we are nearly at the end of term time it is time to look around and see what's on the market.

Here's Comfy Living's top 3 reasons to choose a sofa bed or single futon for your home:

1. A comfortable sofa chair bed is an ideal way to read bedtime stories with cuddles. Foam cube chair beds from Comfy Living have a 100% cotton drill cover for the chair bed comes in a variety of colours to potentially disguise any kiddy accidents with food and drink etc. Choosing a dark colour chair bed will invariably be a rewarding decision.

2. Children enjoy using their hands, and a chair bed that folds from one into the other in seconds is a huge achievement and kids love to get stuck in. To let them make up their own bed in the evening is part of the whole sleepover experience!
3. The culture of sleepovers changes all the time but the basics remain the same. It's good to have enough space to have a spare bed for your kid's friends, but in reality, space is valuable and this is when a chair bed is useful. For the older children you could treat them to a faux suede single chair bed in a choice of colours.

As you can see, a single futon or chair bed in a kids room would certainly get plenty of use over the years and is a wise investment. If you are looking for a normal bed for a child, you can find a good range here.

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